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Windows 8.1 to Bring Back the Start Button

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When I first saw the Windows 8, I had the feeling that something was missing. That’s when I realized that the new operating system just killed the Windows Start button.

For me, the Windows Start button is one of the most useful features of the interface of the OS. Simply because it helps average users like me to easily search some of the stuff in the computer. Although it can’t be denied that Microsoft did a good job even without the Windows Start button, users like me just can’t help but feel that something is missing. Thankfully, Microsoft listened to its consumers by deciding to incorporate back the much-beloved Windows Start button in the Windows 8.1.

Based on the report of The Verge, the icon which will make its comeback after an absence in the latest OS will retain its function as a way to launch the Start Screen. However, the button will undergo a little facelift that will make it look like the Windows flag seen in the Charm bar.

Moreover, the changes that will be added together with the return of the popular button is the “boot to desktop option”, said the same report. The new option will let users access the customary desktop environment of the Windows 8.1. Although the new OS version was not initially designed to get the mentioned features, the news source said that Microsoft is already working on it.

Microsoft admitted that their decision to kill the Windows Start button definitely raised controversy, said The Verge. But they considered it as “a steep learning curve” for users.

Regardless, when Microsoft tallied the download of Pokki, an app that serves as a substitute to the Start icon, they realized that there is still a high demand for the traditional Windows Start button. The Pokki downloads amounted 1.5 million and so are the other apps that have the similar function. The need for the button was also shown on the customer feedback data of the company.

The Start icon will probably be shown on the public launch of the Windows 8.1. If not, the report said that we may see it later this year.

Source: IGN and The Verge

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