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Windows 8.1 Build 9385 Images Leaked

Win8The Windows 8.1 Build 9385 was recently sent to developers for testing. The new much awaited build is nearing its launch and is currently being tested by Microsoft experts. Recently, some snapshots of the display of the new build have been leaked out. Unfortunately, those who are waiting eagerly for the new build should get ready to be disappointed. Judging by the leaked images, it is evident that there are no significant changes made.

The screenshots which have been leaked show the control panel with the build tag at the bottom of the screen. Oh and in case you’re wondering, there is not ‘start’ button. The leaked images also show that desktop image and what the interface looks like between the middle of the ISO downloading.

As we have already mentioned that there are no significant changes made as compared to the older versions, one can still expect that some of the major errors and bugs that the previous builds would probably be fixed in this version. However, many users are arguing that there has been so much of user development testing going on, still the users are indirectly being ‘ignored’.

By this they mean that the requirements which users put forward are not taken into consideration. For example, the absence of the ‘start’ button has become annoying for many users and still there are no signs of it coming back.

These leaked images are good for experts who want to keep a track of the latest changes in the Microsoft builds. Microsoft is expected to release a preview build of Windows Blue (Windows 8.1) at Build 2013 in June. So lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that this time as always, Microsoft has something good for the users.


Source: Winbeta

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