Will we be able to rent Google Glass from April 30th?

Google Glass

Google has a rich history of playing April Fool’s day pranks on its users, and they are indeed funny. This year’s April Fool’s day saw quite a few good pranks by Google, such as the termination of YouTube, which I thought was a serious news in the beginning, and the Google Blue rumors, the treasure map, and much more. But these can be easily recognized as April Fool’s day pranks, especially the treasure map prank. But there are some pranks that cannot be recognized as a prank, or decided if they are pranks or actual serious news. For example, there is one new item on the list of devices that Borrow Lenses lets for rent for registered users, and that new item is Google Glass.

The new listing on the web site says that it will start letting the new Google Glass wearable gadget to users starting April 30th. This makes so much sense because the website already has a few wearable devices and point and view and point and shoot cameras, so adding the Google Glass to the list actually makes it look usual. But can this not be a prank?

The web site has leaked out a few technical information about the Google Glass which has not been officially released by Googl itself, yet. And we can not even be sure if these are actually the specs of Google Glass and not just made up. And for releasing such tech details to the public, the company would have been in some trouble with Google standing on its shoulders to get it out of the web site and pay some random amount of money for publicizing it.

Well, do you think this is the real deal? If not, do you want such an offer from such web sites? Do you want it to be the real deal?

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