Whatsapp denies any plans for sale to Google

Recently rumors have been going around the internet that Google is trying to buy the famous messaging service, Whatsapp.

Whastapp is one of the famous social messaging services available over major platforms like android, iOs, Symbian etc. The app has over tens of millions of downloads from users all over the world and is one of the top ranking apps in most of the app stores like iOS app store, google play store, Symbian, Windows app store etc. With the growing popularity of the service we have seen many companies like Facebook, Google try to take over the app, however, all this while its developers were able to keep these bidders at bay and focus on their work.



A few days earlier, we had received a report stating a possible takeover of the messaging platform by Google for over $1 billion. We had no idea whether the rumors were true or not but we were waiting all this while for some comments from Google or Whatsapp regarding this matter.

And as the statement from the business development head of Whatsapp states, the rumors were baseless and were not true at all. While talking to AllThingsD, Neeraj Arora, business development head at Whatsapp denied of any such rumors and declined to comment any further. Seeing that the company did not accept a deal with Google last December, we would have been quite surprised if these rumors came out to be true.

Whatsapp’s popularity is growing every passing day and every major tech giant will have an eye on the social messaging service. The best part of the app is that you do not require a carrier plan for using the messaging service. The app will work even if you have the slowest of the slowest data connection and if you are looking to download a video or an audio file sent by your friend, using the app over WiFi can come in quite handy.

The app is available on major platforms like iOS, Android, Symbian etc. The iOs users have to pay $1 while downloading the app for using the service while android users have free usage for a year after which they have to shell out $1 per year. Whatsapp also has tie ups with a number of carriers for specific data plans which benefit both carriers and the messaging platform. Rumors even claim that it makes around $100 million per year. With the ever increasing revenue of the company, we expect many tech giants to offer a bid to the buy Whatsapp in the future.

via Apple insider

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