What makes up a smartphone?

The jury is still out on the definition of a smart phone. There seems to be no consensus on what a Smartphone is owing to technology’s inherent tendency to keep on changing.

sm2Generally, a Smartphone is a cell phone with computer capabilities. To understand this valued gadget, it is important to go down memory lane and see how the cell phone has evolved.

The traditional cell phone was built with a single objective: to enable you make calls.The trendy people of the day stored their contacts and connected to their computers by using an extra gadget referred to as a Personal Digital Assistant [PDA].The PDA and the cell phone developed separately with the former becoming wireless and acquiring email capabilities and the latter fine tuned to send and receive messages. In time each of the gadgets borrowed heavily from each other and from the computer leading to the adoption of a hybrid we now know as a smart phone. According to Wikipedia the term Smartphone was coined in 1997 By Ericsson to describe their GS 88 ‘Penelope’ concept they had developed. This hybrid we mentioned continued to borrow from the camera, the music player and a host of other devices.

So now back to the million dollar question: what is a smart phone and what sets it apart?
In our review a smart phone must have the following features:
A] It must run its applications on an operating system. Operating systems include Google’s Android, Nokia’s Symbian, Samsung’s Bada, Apple’s iOS, or Microsoft’s Windows, or BlackBerry,
B] A QWERTY keyboard which looks like your computer’s
C] It must allow you web access,
D] It must have computer programs referred to as APPS,
E] It must support email and instant messaging.
Anything less and your cell phone is just a cell phone.

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