What makes a smartphone smart?

sma2You probably must have heard the term ‘smartphone’ and some would have wondered why a phone is said to be smart or why it is not known more as a cell phone as it was known many years back.

In this present time, a smartphone has the features of a cell phone which includes making and receiving phone calls as well as sending text messages often known as ‘SMS’. And also features unique abilities to it such as the capabilities of a personal digital assistant (PDA) also known as a palmtop or a mini computer, has high speed internet connectivity via Wi-Fi and mobile broadband, and has GPS capability which enables it to give direction to different geographical locations and to pin point users location on a map
For these smartphones to function properly there has to be a mobile network carrier that has to be licensed to operate in the country of operation; so that it can transmit and receive voice and data over the frequencies allocated to it by the regulatory body that oversees the operations of telecoms operators in the various countries they are in. It is these carriers that are responsible for the provision and maintenance of infrastructure needed to operate and to provide customer care services and the billing of customers.

The smartphone operates on various operating systems ‘OS’ including Symbian, Windows, Android, iOS, and so on. It is these operating systems that make the phone to function properly and do all that is expected of it. Without the OS, the smartphone or mobile device is nothing but scrap. Phone manufacturers tend to use the OS that they feel would be best for their device.


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