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Water resistant Samsung Galaxy SIV on the way?

s4To compete in today’s competitive Smartphone market; you need to give a good reason to your customers to buy your product. Just a year back, Samsung literally captured the attention of a large chunk of the Smartphone users by launching the SIII. Then again, it launched the SIV just recently to please its customers and to prove that they are in no mood to put a stop.

The SIV had some of the most attractive features; one of these was the scratch resistant screen. Samsung’s customers tested the screen of the SIV by trying to scratch it with knives, keys and coins but without any luck.

And if this wasn’t enough, we are hearing news that there might be a water resistant SIV on the way. As said before, market research and innovation is the key to success. And with the kind of work Samsung is doing, they will increase their market share even more. Catering to the demands of its existing and potential customers, there is a slight hint that Samsung might produce the first water resistant phone very soon.

During a session, Young Soo Kim (President of Samsung Gulf) was asked about the company’s water-resistant devices and fortunately or unfortunately, he mentioned that a new water resistant Samsung Galaxy SIV is in the making.

Well, this is something huge for the fans of Samsung, because this was actually one major advantage that the Sony Xperia Z had over Samsung’s devices. The fact that they had IP57 certification gave them an edge over many other companies. But it looks like Samsung has decided to step up once again.

Although we are not sure of when this device is going to be launched and whether it is going to be launched or not, but if it is true that there is actually a water resistant Galaxy SIV in the making, then it is probably worth waiting for.

Source: Gsmarena

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