Watch Dogs release date November 19

Watch Dogs

Last years E3 had some good titles but no real surprises, apart from the new title being developed by Ubisoft, called Watch Dogs. Not much was told at the conference, except the bare basics on the open world game.

Ubisoft announced Watch Dogs will be PlayStation 4 launch title and will be coming to the US on November 19 and the UK on November 22. The publisher also said it will be coming to other platforms, although they decided not to announce them.

Watch Dogs seems to revolve around Aiden Pearce, the anti-hero who can connect to anything electronic. Pearce uses this to hunt down unlawful people, but the normal laws do not apply.

The game also showed another character helping the lone anti-hero on his offensive streak. This revealed there could be co-op built into the main campaign.

Some have said the game reminds them of Grand Theft Auto, the design of the open world looks similar, although the electronic hacking mechanic may change how we play the game entirely.

Collectors Editions

Watch Dogs will come in four different editions:

  • Dedsec Edition – Available in UK, this edition will include: a figurine of Aiden Pearce, collectors box, an art book with illustrations of the game, the soundtrack, a map of the are in Watch Dogs (Chicago), four cards, three badges and the game. It also includes three pieces of DLC, which can be downloaded and add over an hour of gameplay. 
  • The Vigilante Edition – This is also available in the UK and Ireland, it has the collectors box, Aiden Pearce’s cap and mask, the soundtrack and the Palace Pack, one of the three pieces of DLC available in the Dedsec Edition.
  • Uplay Exclusive Edition – This includes the steelbook case and can only be bought on Uplay, it also includes the Palace Pack, Signature Shot and Breakthrough Packs.
  • The Special Edition – Only includes the Breakthrough Pack.

Source: Polygon

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