Warner Bros. launches its own streaming service that offers classic media not found in Netflix!

Warner Bros. has launched a new streaming service that offers users content from as early as the 1920s through the turn of the century. Companies like Netflix and Hulu are already battling it out to offer users new, exciting content. At $10 per month, a little more expensive than other services, Warner Bros. will stream content beginning from 1920 until the 1990’s when Warner Bros. content for kids was dying out.

wb2Streaming rival Netflix and Hulu do not have classic movies and TV Shows in their packages. Some of the offering from Warner Bros, MGM, Allied Artists and RKO are movies, plays and other forms of entertainment like the 1921 Adaptation of “The Scarlet Letter”. While Netflix and Hulu have fixed the rate at $2, Warner Bros. is quite steep at a $10. The company is using its rare collection as its selling point. Users can now look forward to their favorite shows and movies, back on the widescreen after a long sojourn! Musicals and Plays, movies and theater, animated content for kids and other fun TV shows for adults, Warner Bros. had it all and users can relive those special movies and other entertainment media with the company’s new streaming service!

Whether the rarity of Warner Bros collections is enough to lure users remains to be seen. The service is not compatible with most of the devices. Till date, the service works only with Roku. Only Roku users can stream the current handful of HD videos, numbered at 122. Warner Bros has promised to update content regularly though. Perhaps it will work on launching the streaming service on more devices other than the Roku.


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