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Walking Dead: Survival Instinct – Is It As Exciting As The Series Or As Lame As A Zombie?


As a fan of the Walking Dead series in the television, I was very excited when the Walking Dead: Survival Instinct game for PC came out. So, I decided to give it a try.

It is actually the first Walking Dead game that I tried since I never played the Telltale series before. Well, maybe I wanted the Survival Instinct more than the other because it actually featured two of the actual characters of the series.

I did a couple of missions running from one town to another and doing quests. After that, here’s what I found out about the game:

The Survival Theme

The good thing about the game is the gathering of resources like gas and food. It really makes the character more human than other survival horror games. The problem with other survival games is that players only concern themselves about collecting weapons and armors. There’s nothing more to it. The characters in those games do not seem to experience hunger which makes them inhuman. But the factor of gathering additional resources provides absolute realism and more challenging dilemmas as the game no longer just involves bullet conservation for stage bosses.

The Story

The plot of this Walking Dead game definitely explains the events leading up to the television series. It also puts a more exciting background to the Dixon brothers. The events in the game cover how Daryl gets from town to town in order to survive and search for his brother. Well, this is all I can tell since I really haven’t completed the game due to some reasons which you will see in the next part. In case you are wondering, I just scanned the videos of the story on another website.

The Gameplay

After a few missions, I eventually grew tired of the game. Although I loved the presence of the variety of options that will let me complete each task in a different manner with diverse consequences, I just got sick eventually of the repetitive nature of some tasks and the lack of variety for each town. Almost all the quests involved bringing a person something of interest.

The zombies are not much of a challenge as well as they are too easy to defeat. They are simply too slow that you can even stab them in the face. The button mashing can be great during the first moments of gameplay, but in the long run it will get a bit frustrating and boring.

in your face
See what I mean?


For a game that lives in the shadow of a very popular TV series, I was really expecting more from the Walking Dead: Survival Instinct game. Unfortunately, it did not quite deliver the magic that its counterpart provided on TV. The start of the game was good, but once you reach the middle of the game, you will eventually realize that everything is just the same and the tasks are becoming repetitive. It is good to see familiar faces from the series though. I would love to give this one a rating of only 2 stars out of 5 because I did not even bother finishing it, but since I liked some parts of it, I think it’s more of a 3 star out of 5.

Well, I might as well try the Telltale series because I heard it is a great game and it really garnered good reviews from gaming sites.

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