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Verizon’s Galaxy Camera update would bring new modes to the device


Samsung Galaxy Camera was one of the first cameras to run on the android platform. Now, a recent announcement from Verizon states that Verizon’s Galaxy Camera is scheduled for an update in the coming days.

The camera boasts of some great connectivity and editing features and the update is expected to add more functionality to the device.  The update which would be around 179 MB (pretty large but we have seen bigger updates) will bring some device improvements like new smart modes, S Memo app, remote view finder etc.

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The update will bring in 4 more smart modes to the device in addition to the 15 existing smart modes.

The 4 new modes are Dawn Mode (Emphasize tone and mood of dawn), Party Indoor Mode (Take a sharp and non-blur image at indoor situation), Food Mode (enhance the color of your food), Snow Mode (Click brighter snow scenes). The four new modes would be a nice addition to the existing set of modes in the device.

The update would also bring the remote view finder feature in the camera. The feature allows you to connect your Galaxy Camera with supported devices including Galaxy S series phones, tabs and iPhones to control your camera. Some of the remote view finder functions are timer settings, still image capturing, zoom control, saving images directly on the phone etc. This feature is sure to interest a lot of users as it directly allows the user to control the camera with their smartphone. The S Memo app and the Help app would also come in handy to the user.

Samsung had shocked many of the users by unveiling their first android powered camera along with their flagship device, Galaxy Note II. The camera was much different than the other cameras found in the market. But the fact that it was running on the android OS interested a lot of users. Powered by android, the device boasted of many connectivity features that the other cameras in the category lacked at that time. Agreed that cameras have improved a lot since then, still Galaxy Camera is one of the consumer favorites. Although the 16 MP lens along with the 21x zoom feature attracted a lot of consumers, unfortunately the quality of photos and videos were not as good as its competitors. But with regular updates like this, we hope to see the device perform better than its counterparts and maybe we will even see a smarter and better Samsung Galaxy Camera in the near future.

via Verizon Wireless

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