Verizon Makes LG Spectrum 2 Jelly Bean Update Official, Rolling Out Soon

Criticized by many for poor software support and untimely updates until a few months back, LG really seems to have turned the page to a new and brighter chapter in the company’s relation with its customers.

Aided by Verizon, LG is apparently ready to roll out a buttery smooth Jelly Bean update for the Spectrum 2, an upper mid-range smartphone that has been overlooked by many due to its running of Android 4.0 ICS upon launch.


Spectrum 2’s JB upgrade comes hot on the heels of similar software bumps for T-Mobile’s Optimus L9, AT&T’s Escape, the Korean version of the Optimus Vu, as well as the European L9. And if that’s not solid support and commitment for timely software updates, I don’t know what is.

But back to the Spectrum 2. This trooper is likely to get the tasty new Jelly Bean software pack early next week, following a Verizon announcement from yesterday. Big Red hasn’t mentioned an exact date the upgrade will start rolling out, but we’re pretty certain you won’t be left hanging for more than a few days.

The update carries the SW Version VS93021B and, we’re guessing, will bump up your on-board software to Android 4.1.2. True, that’s still not the latest version of Google’s OS, but it’s pretty darn close and comes with goodies like Google Now integration and Project Butter performance enhancements.

No words on the update’s “weight”, but we think it’ll be rather hefty, so it’s good to be prepared with around 400 or 500 of empty storage space. Jelly Bean will surely come your way OTA (over-the-air), but it probably won’t hurt to manually check for the upgrade by going to Menu – Settings – About Phone – Software Updates – Check for Updates. Just remember to be patient and calm.

Other specific tweaks and improvements coming with this software update include better readability for email conversation, an updated weather app and widget, as well as optimized Bluetooth. You should be happy to hear some of Verizon’s pre-loaded content will be removed as well, such as the Social+, Today+, Finance and News widgets.

And remember, if you’re not an LG Spectrum 2 owner yet, there’s still time to purchase the elegant and budget-conscious 4.7-incher. Verizon offers it for $79.99 with two-year contracts or $499.99 outright, which is fairly advantageous for a phone with a dual-core 1.5 GHz CPU, 720p display, 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage, microSD support, an 8 MP primary camera and a 2,150 mAh battery.

Via [Verizon]