Verizon Galaxy S4 will start pre-orders tomorrow

Galaxy S4

Samsung has the behemoth smartphone on every US carrier ready for launch and Verizon has finally revealed the dates for the new flagship device.

It is not known when the Galaxy S4 will actually be released to buy, although it is expected before the end of May.

Verizon Information

The Galaxy S4 will be available for pre-order on Thursday, April 25th starting at $249.99 before a $50 mail-in rebate. Verizon is the last carrier to announce dates, with AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile already giving price plans and pre-order information.

Verizon and T-Mobile have been working on different plans for their users, although Verizon’s idea of “new plans” are a little less exciting and more to do with money making.

Galaxy S4 reception

Samsung has started the marketing campaign and we expect to see a big show for the Galaxy S4, following the huge launch event that caused controversy for being sexist.

The Galaxy S3 was a very well liked smartphone, almost every single reviewer and user got over the plastic problem because everything about the S3 worked well.

Details are emerging about Samsung already having problems with their new flagship. The company has seen the competition and may unveil a more premium build smartphone to work against the HTC One.

The Galaxy S4 is an excellent smartphone, but some users are a little put off by Samsung’s continued support of plastic backing. With all the premium devices out on the market, the S4 slides.

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