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US Cellular’s Network Test Drive promo lets you try the network for one week

US Cellular 4G on Samsung Galaxy S III

If you have been waiting for some time to switch your carrier, U.S. Cellular has something interesting for you. Along with releasing the Android Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy Axiom today, the company announced its new promotion, the “Network Test Drive” program. In this program, you can test the network of the carrier for a week without making any kind of commitments. Yes, you read that right. You will be allowed to try out the 4G network of the wireless carrier for one complete week without having to commit to anything after the one week trial period.

The company will be giving you a qualifying device to test it out and you will have to, obviously, give the device back to the company after a week. And after this, if you liked the network and the services of the company, you may change your carrier.

This is one of the best promotions any service oriented company can provide. This is just the way you test out software for a certain period of time and then, if you liked it, you can buy it. This promotion is going to attract a lot of potential customers. But right now, the promotional offer is being offered only in certain markets in the country. And the list includes Greenville, N.C., Alcoa, Tenn., and Coos Bay, Ore.

Phone Dog writes, “We’ve seen U.S. Cellular introduce several promotions in the past that are aimed at attracting new customers to its network, including an unlimited 4G LTE data plan and $300 switcher offer, and this new “Network Test-Drive” promo looks to be the operator’s latest attempt at signing up new users.”

Having a full week to test out the network is a good amount of time to test it at places you would want to get the best network. And the company has clearly mentioned that this is going to be a limited time offer, and there is no clue as to when the offer will be taken back. So this is the best time to try it out.

Source: Phone Dog

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