Twitter’s music service, albeit without any features!

Twitter’s new music service went live on April 12th. This has been a hot topic of discussion across technology forums since the social network acquired music service We Are Hunted. Although the music site went live, there are no features yet.

twi2Users are able to login with their twitter credentials but they are no features hosted yet in the music site. Twitter is planning to offer access to the service in stage with the first stage allowing only a few users access which will then be followed by access granted to a larger user base. Celebrity Ryan Seacrest has reportedly tweeted that he has access to the new Music service offered by the network.

The service offers twitter user’s information about music that is trending on social media, major blogs and message boards. According to news channels the new service will sync up with Spotify, Rdio, Soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube and Vevo to provide users real-time, on-demand music tracks. Another interesting feature is that the service is supposed to offer users a snazzy new playback interface that is fun to work with.

Users who currently do not have access to the service will have to keep checking the music service for features on and off or wait for news forums and blogs to announce the roll-out of the music service by Twitter to its wider user base. Twitter users are very excited about this new development that offers a new twist to social networking besides the usual chat and video calling services found across most networks.


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