Twitter’s acquisition of We Are Hunted is confirmed

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It is finally official. Twitter has bought the online social music discovery service, We Are Hunted. The confirmation came as a change on the home page of the service, which thanks all the staff and the investors, and promises to “continue to create services that will delight you, as part of the Twitter team.” Apart from this, there have been no other official reports on what the future of the company will be or how it will be integrated into the Twitter micro blogging service. But I am excited to know more for sure.

The company, We Are Hunted, still has its app in the iOS App Store, for now I guess. This is because the home page clearly says that all the accounts will be erased soon enough. This puts the functionality of the app going forward in doubt. And about all the people who have accounts with the service, will they be allowed to use the new service later on? Or will they have to lose all the data on the service and start fresh with the new service in the future?

If you do not know what We Are Hunted is all about, Electronista writes, “The service originally generated a popularity-based chart, similar to Billboard, for online music that constantly monitored blogs, social media, BitTorrent, and other Internet sources for ranking.” And according to reports on CNET, the employees of We Are Hunted have been trying out a new service or functionality with the #NowPlaying hashtag on Twitter.

CNET talks about an app in which “artists and songs are displayed in an elegant grid design. Tapping on the tile for an artist causes the tile to expand, showing a short biography along with links to any music the artist has stored on SoundCloud, or to song previews from the iTunes store. Users then tap a ‘play’ button to start streaming the music.”

Source: Electronista

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