Twitter Music is now live

Twitter Music Authorizaton screen

Twitter’s new music service is finally online, live at the moment at When you access this web site, you will asked to log in, and you click on the button. You will be taken to the authorization page where you will have to sign in to your Twitter account if you have not already done so and then you will have to authorize the new app. The authorization page clearly mentions that the service is “the web version of the trending music app”, which could just mean that the mobile version of the app can be expected in the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store pretty soon.

This said, after you authorize the app, there is nothing much you can do, because the page to which you will be redirected to just says that the service will be coming soon. There is nothing, absolutely nothing to do over there. But we do know that the trending music service will be using the #music hashtag.

On Thursday, the micro blogging web site, Twitter, announced its acquisition of the only trending music service, We Are Hunted. The music discover service creates an online charts of trending music, and this data is collected from the music being played online. The service will then let you listen to your favorite music online, and also helps you discover new and exciting music.

Ever since Twitter acquired We Are Hunted, the founder of the trending music service, Stephen Phillips, has been tweeting playable tracks from Rdio and Sound Cloud. People are saying that this could be an indication of the fact that the new Twitter Music service will have both Rdio and Sound Cloud support. Well, we cannot be sure of that unless the details become official. So you will have to wait till that happens in just a few days.

Source: Mashable

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