Twitter co-founder Biz Stone teases Jelly

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Biz Stone, the talent behind some of the most important apps in the technology world such as Xanga, Blogger, and Twitter, has teased a new product that he is working on cureently, and the app or the product, or the service is called Jelly. Pretty unusual name, you say? Well, it looks like a great amount of thought has gone into naming the service aptly, which will be apparent in a while. So what is Jelly? According to the opening blog spot by Biz Stone, Jelly will be a tool for people who are interested in working for social causes. He writes that Jelly is “a tool that helps [people] do good in the world”.

Coming to the name, he says that it was inspired by Jellyfist, which is very obvious, because, “this particular animal because neurologically, its brain is more “we” than “me.” Also, for the past 700 million years, this decentralized structure has been wildly successful,” he writes.

Biz Stone says that he has been quite busy with this new project of his and that the app has been taking his focus “aside from some advisory roles elsewhere.” But it is sad to know that the app will not be available anytime soon and that it reqires much more work. But when it becomes available in the market, it will be provided for free and that it will be for everyone, no geographical limitation will be set for the availability or the usage of apps. He has also said that the service will be made available first for mobile devices, after that on the internet for computers. Phone Arena writes:

Stone was already behind a behavior modification app that provides goal tracking, progress visualization, reminders and motivational support, called Lift. Now, we’ve got an app in the works that is looking to create some sort of decentralized network with which people can help others. That could mean any number of possible apps, from a microfinance app to maybe an app with a focus on charity, or other social enterprise mission. The definition of “doing good” has very broad potential.

Source: Phone Arena

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