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Twitter Axing TweetDeck on May 7th

TweetDeck screenshot from the Google Play store.

Several news sources say that May 7 will be that day Twitter kills TweetDeck for mobile devices. If so, the number of days of the social media dashboard for mobile is numbered.

Rumors about the subject went out sometime March this year. Then, Twitter finally confirmed the decision after some time. However no word was released about the exact day when Twitter kills TweetDeck, until now.

The decision for Twitter to axe TweetDeck came as a surprise since this is not a third party app and it is actually owned by the giant social networking site. There was a noticeable uproar from the numerous users of the app. They actually voiced out their dismay through Tweets aimed at the social network. The complaints of users could also be read on the comment sections of sites that broke the report about Twitter axing TweetDeck.

The Reason Why Twitter Cancels TweetDeck

From the previous report of TalkAndroid, the tech news site stated that the move was based on the company’s decision to center on the improvement of their web apps and to concentrate on the version of TweetDeck for Chrome. However, the same report speculated that the reason behind the TweetDeck cancellation was to influence Android and iOS users to use the native apps of their devices.

In the more recent news of the source, the social networking site already confirmed totally pulling the plug off the TweetDeck app for Android and iOS devices on May 7. A new reason was revealed by the site for the cancellation. Twitter said that it will finally retire the Twitter API 1.0 which the app runs on.

So, two weeks from now, TweetDeck will totally cease its services and will be gone from the Play Store at the same time. That means it is about time for you to start searching for a new alternative.

Tweetdeck Alternatives

Among the top 9 apps that you could substitute for TweetDeck for your iOS or Android device, which were recommended by Mashable, are HootSuite, Plume, Echofon, Twitterific, Seesmic Pro, Tweetbot, TweetCaster, Sprout Social and Uber Social. There are more which you can easily find in the Google Play store or App Store.

About Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck was developed by Iain Dodsworth. It was initially released on July 4, 2008. But its stable release only came March this year. The rights for the app was acquired by Twitter through purchase in 2011.

Basically, the app serves a social media dashboard wherein users can get notifications, manage and post to their social networking accounts.

The app was primarily made for Twitter, but later on, it also incorporated Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking sites in its service. But last year, it decided to concentrate only with Twitter and Facebook.

Google Play and App Store started offering TweetDeck for smartphone and tablet users in September 2011. But after barely making it two years in the store, it is now being cancelled.

Source: TalkAndroid and Mashable

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