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Twitter Announces New Updates For Mac

[Photo Source: Mac App Store]
[Photo Source: Mac App Store]
Twitter updates its features for Mac this Thursday, April 25. The announcement came from Twitter with a subsequent update in the Mac App Store on the same date. Among the Twitter updates revealed by the social networking site were additional photo sharing option, better visuals and compatibility with more languages.

The Updates

Here is a brief discussion of the updates brought about by Twitter for Mac 2.2:

1. Additional Photo Sharing Option

There is now an additional photo sharing feature of the Twitter app for Mac. All you have to do is run the camera icon located in the lower-left portion of the compose box. Then, you can easily select the image that you want to share from your directory. It still retains the drag and drop feature from the desktop to the app though, just in case you still prefer the old method.

2. Enhanced Visuals

A new retina display support is now offered by the Twitter app. This will provide you more vibrant and detailed visuals to the app which can be further optimized by Mac devices with high resolution. It will enable you to view your Tweets with utmost clarity through its more crisp and clearer images.

3. More Languages

In addition to the English language that the app currently offers, the Twitter updates include support to other major languages around the globe like French, Dutch, Italian, Indonesian, German, Malaysian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Russian, Spanish and Turkish.


The Twitter for Mac 2.2 was well-received by the majority of users based on the comments of the Mac App Store and comments of users on other websites. The feature that got the most praises was the enhanced visuals. There was a little complain though about the glitch in the starred/favorite tweets, wherein users can no longer remove the said tweets. Moreover, users can no longer monitor the people following them inside the app, which the old one used to provide.

More Updates

The Twitter Blog stated that more updates will be released soon. So, continue visiting The Droid Guy for more exclusive news about the subject in the near future.

The app can be downloaded here: Mac App Store

Source: Twitter Blog

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