Three LulzSec hackers have confessed of hacking US, UK websites


We have heard news about the hacking of websites from all over the world. Companies in the United States and the United Kingdom are being hacked by people sitting in some remote part of the world. And most of the blame for these attacks goes to China. And I have absolutely no idea if the Chinese government is really guilty of these hacking attacks or not. But I am sure that there are few people in the western part of the world itself who have done similar cyber attacks on major companies of the world.

The Guardian has reported that three hackers from the LulzSec collective have pleaded guilty of attacking some of the website in the United States and the United Kingdom. Boy Genius Report writes:

Ryan Ackroyd, 26; Jake Davis, 20; and Mustafa Al-Bassam, 18 — admitted to hacking websites belonging to Sony (SNE), News International and the U.K.’s National Health Service. The three hackers are set to receive their sentences on May 14th along with fellow LulzSec hacker Ryan Cleary, who last year pleaded guilty to hacking into websites for the Pentagon, the CIA, the NHS, News International, PBS, Sony, Nintendo and the 20th Century Fox film studio.

It has become very common these days to hack into other’s networks or computers and steal data which might be important to the person being hacked, but might be of no use whatsoever to the hacker. This has become a hobby to some people, but a really painful situation to others. If you have a server with a service running on it for your clients and have some very important data on the database on the same server, attacks like these could cause a wave of tension in your mind as well.

But I guess the authorities all over the world are taking good care to stop all these attacks from taking place.

Source: Boy Genius Report

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