There Will Be No Unreal Engine 4 For Wii U

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Epic Games’s next-gen technology, Unreal Engine 4, won’t be available for the Nintento Wii U, a report on Gamespot said.

Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein said in several media reports that they won’t be making the Unreal Engine 4 available to current game consoles, including Nintendo’s Wii U, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3.

Rein said during the Game Developers Conference last week that Epic Games is targeting next-generation game consoles for its Unreal Engine 4 instead of the current devices we now have in the market. For those who would like to develop a game for Nintendo’s flagship game console, Rein said that Unreal Engine 3 is still available.

So, does that mean Rein does not consider the Wii U to be next-generation? Definitely, yes. Although Nintendo’s latest game console is a sight to behold, Epic Games believe that its newest technology is aimed at a more specialized game console.

According to Rein, the goal of Epic Games in coming up with this technology is to power next-generation consoles. Other than that, Nintendo’s Wii U is also not able to use Electronic Arts’ Frostbite 3 engine. The same engine was used to power DICE’s Battlefield 4.

Unreal Engine 4’s ‘Infiltrator’

Epic Games released a demo video for its latest technology. The video, called “Infiltrator,” showcased stunningly beautiful 3D graphics that can almost pop out of the screen. If you like seeing lifelike images when playing game consoles, then this is something you should look out for when buying next-generation consoles.

The high-definition graphics used by the engine is one of the best I have seen, and it’s only a matter of time before that same technology will be ubiquitous in game consoles. Motions are more fluid and the environment is almost seamless. It is already quite hard to distinguish that what you are looking at are all just visual effects.

Aside from showcasing its HD graphics, Epic Games said that the demo video showed the working environment in creating Unreal Engine 4 too. The work process of the technology showed that engineers and software developers are allowed to concentrate on just one project.

People want more concepts and less graphics

There seems to be a problem in the way video game companies compete with one another. For one, they don’t realize that the public actually craves for more intriguing and action-packed video game with a good story, concept and background. Manufacturers and software developers are so focused on perfecting visual effects that they forgot many consumers from around the world are only asking for a game that can entertain and challenge them.

Some fans, according to Gamesport, are concerned as well about the shift to a next-gen technology since it might mean that prices will skyrocket too. This does not suit well for people who are in third-world, conflict-torn or impoverished countries who can only afford simple technology with simple but beautifully done video games.

Unreal Engine has been developing for years. With this current integration into the system, reports said that the next-gen software will be able to power Sony’s PS4,  Xbox 720 and Windows PCs.

Sources: Gamespot and TGDaily

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