The trend of App purchases, who will be the ultimate winner?

what2After the much talked purchase of Instagram by Facebook for $ 1 billion, all eyes are on the next rumor that Google might be in talk with WhatsApp to buy it out. If so it will be one big win for Google as WhatsApp, as far as current study goes seems to be the most popular cross platform messaging service across 100 countries and 750 mobile networks be it on an Android, BlackBerry, iOS, or Windows Phone. It has also been a prime cause behind the decline of Short Message Services or SMS. Besides the now $100 million business also has a record of processing a highest number of messages in 24 hours on the last year’s Christmas Eve which counted to 18 billion messages!

The guesswork about the possible purchase is strong as per Digital Trends, who has heard the news from an ‘inside source’. There is one more reason to believe that Google might be behind the deal as the Web giant itself had tried to establish a unified messaging service named Babel. But based on an interview with GigaOM last year, Nikhyl Singhal, the Product Manager remarked that Google has ‘done an incredibly poor job of servicing our users here’ on which we can assume that maybe the project has flopped.

So bearing a problem like ‘messaging is a huge, gaping hole in Google’s mobile strategy’ as claimed by DigitalTrends, Google might be seriously negotiating with WhatsApp. Because studies also say that besides the other two similar messaging apps Line and WeChat, WhatsApp still remains the most successful and top charter. DigitalTrends also claims that weighing all these WhatsApp too is not sitting idle and has been reported as trying to get a better deal by ‘playing hardball’.

Now that we have also heard that Facebook is also after WhatsApp to acquire it, we will just sit back and keep a watch to know who will be the ultimate winner.

SOURCE: The Inquirer

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