The never-ending Samsung vs. Apple infringement case

text2An ITC MEMBER considers that Samsung has infringed on a key aspect of one of Apple’s patents. Judge Johnson Pender mentioned that he discovered Samsung’s text-selection function to be the same as Apple’s, a function that is both facet of the Online Internet browser in Samsung’s gadgets, as well as the transparent control buttons in Samsung’s photo collection. Judge Pender’s choice is only an initial choice however, and will need to be accepted by the whole ITC.

Judge Pender has made his choice on March 26, however, he only exposed it on April 4 after providing both the Apple company and Samsung a chance to redact delicate details on the papers.

In Oct 2012, Judge Pender made the decision that some features of Samsung were really copied on Apple devices. The whole ITC needed Judge Pender to evaluate his options on 2 of the patents he made, the decision that Samsung’s gadgets infringed on. If the ITC grants Judge Pender’s choice, infringing gadgets from Samsung’s Galaxy-line and Nexus-line could be hindered from being brought into the U.S. He also analyzed the particular “audio I/O ear phones connect and connect recognition circuitry”. Judge Pender made the decision that the Samsung feature was not a violation of infringement after all.

After the whole ITC chooses whether or not they should accept Judge Pender’s choice, any choice will be released most likely by the month of August. This is just another section in the endless Apple Company versus Samsung infringement cases.

We will keep you updated when there are any new improvements in the situation

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