The Mobile Operating Systems that Dominate the Market today

So what does OS stand for? It is an acronym for operating system. This software helps application programs to run on mobile devices, for example Smartphones, tablets, PDAs and other handheld gadgets. A mobile OS combines the technology of a personal computer operating system, along with features such as touchscreen, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, video camera, speech recognition and many others.

mobi2As you may already know, most of mobile OS after being powered on, they present the user a wide screen on which icons can be found. Below these, there is a title or name of the app that offers information and access to the applications. Also, most of the mobile OS have their specific hardware, which give them little flexibility. This is why, depending on the type of mobile phone that you purchase, it will have a different operating system. Furthermore, we are going to present the most popular mobile operating systems today.

With 75% share, Google Android is the most powerful operating system at the moment. The basic operating system used by Android was founded on Linux, which has been further developed by Google along with software developers from HTC, Samsung, and Motorola.
Second on the list is iPhone iOS (14.9 percent share), developed and distributed by Apple Inc. It is licensed only on Apple hardware and from 2007 when it was released; it had been used on devices such as iPod, iPad and iPhone.

Thirdly, with 4.3 percent share, stands BlackBerry OS, developed by BlackBerry Ltd and used for its line of Smartphones and other handheld gadgets.

The last two most used are Symbian OS ( with 14.6 percent) , which runs on Nokia and Windows OS, which with the launch of Microsoft Windows 8 in 2013, its growth in the OS market has been fast-paced.

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