The latest Facebook acquisition

fb2Facebook is working towards a greater world presence with its business strategy that involves working on the social network to create new features to keep users interested, partnering with Mobile manufacturers to launch an entire phone series that revolve around Facebook and more recently, acquiring companies that will fuel Facebook’s growth across world markets.

The latest news is that the world’s top social network has acquired a Stealth Mobile Startup company called Osmeta. Details about the intention behind the acquisition are still obscure and there is still no clarity about whether Facebook has made an unknown technology deal with Osmeta or is using its technology post acquisition.

Osmeta has very interesting origins. Founded by IBM alumni Mark Smith and Google alum Amit Singh, the company employed a total of seventeen highly skilled, astute, and top–of-their-line engineers and hackers. Employers of Osmeta include IBM Research, Google Research, Yahoo Research, Facebook and VMWare.

The company has now been acquired by Facebook. The technology at Osmeta coupled with brilliant engineers offers the social network unique and tremendous potential that no other network has. Facebook can utilize Osmeta’s prowess in its bid to offer users fantastic new enhancements.

Facebook has declined to make any comments regarding the acquisition but Osmeta employee profiles now reflect their workplace as Facebook. While there is not a lot of information available about what Facebook plans to do with Osmeta and how the latter fits in with Facebook’s overall strategy, we can be pretty sure about great new enhancements to the social network in the near future, fuelled by the latest acquisition.

FROM: Tech Crunch

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