Text messaging and Facebook Messenger together

chat2It is hard to keep track of the zillion updates Facebook keeps rolling out but here’s one that is generating a lot of interest. Facebook Chat Heads! The amusing, interesting feature has made its way to the iOS store and is available on Apple’s iPhones for download.

The feature is an innovation for Facebook’s Home suite on Android. Chat Heads are now spreading into the iOS realm. While details are still fuzzy about the entire Home Suite making its way to the iOS platform, reports confirm that Chat Heads at least have made inroads into Apple’s ‘i’ devices.

Chat Heads is a quirky feature on Facebook where SMS and Facebook Messenger are bundled together to create a new messaging system. User profile pictures notify friends of an incoming message and hang around as floating heads till the user brushes them off.

Unlike Android, the iOS version of Chat heads are not allowed to float around outside of the Facebook application and have to initiate new message threads only from within the social network app. This feature is more flexible in Android where the heads drift through the system to announce the arrival of a new message until they are either acknowledged or flicked away by the user. In addition to chat heads, iOS has received other updates like the News Feed design and Digital Stickers in the message application. The Android platform received an update to access Chat Heads without having to install the entire Home package.

Interesting new features making their way from the social network to the iOS and Android platforms!


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