Temple Run for windows phone OS updated

It took iMangi Studios over 18 months to release their mega hit game, Temple Run on windows phone platform. All these years, windows phone users were deprived of famous games like Temple Run and with the game finally available for windows phone users, they can look forward to the sequel of the game in a few months time.

But like any other app when the game was first launched on the windows phone app store, it had some glitches. However, iMangi studios proved that they are one of the best developers on the app store as they fixed both the issues within a matter of days.


The two updates were released within a span of two day.. The first update (version 1.5.1) fixed the light windows phone theme bug. The last update (version 1.5.0) had fixed a missing live tile issue but unfortunately brought a new bug to the game. When using the light theme for windows phone, many users reported that their blue sky turned into white sky which was a bug caused by the last update. With a view to fix this bug, the developers released the 1.5.1 version update within a matter of days of its release.

The updates have been pretty fast and we must definitely appreciate the efforts taken by the developers to improve the gaming experience of the users. However there are still many issues to be taken care of like the addition of the remove tutorial button, sensitivity problem etc. But with the speed with which they are releasing an update we are pretty sure that you would get a glitch free game in a few weeks time.

Although the game is officially available on windows phone app store, the game only supports devices having 1GB Ram or more. This means only Lumia 920,Lumia820 and HTC 8X can support this game and all other phones having ram less than 1GB or using an older version of windows phone OS will not support the game.

Quite disappointing right? But don’t worry, Microsoft has assured that many other famous games like Orcs must survive; Gravity Guy 2 (sequel of gravity guy), Chaos Rings, 6th planet etc will be available on the platform pretty soon.

However, we still haven’t heard anything about the availability of the Temple Run 2, the fastest growing mobile game of all times on the windows phone platform.

via Windows Phone Central

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