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Tactrick Android Developer Cup Submission Of Entries Ends On April 22

tactrick devcup 2013

April 22 marks the last call for all the interested participants of the Tactrick Android Developer Cup. So, if you think that your app has the potential to rise and stand out among the others in this Android contest, finalize your entry now and submit it before the calendar hits the 22nd.

The Rewards

This is a rare and prestigious event that will not only help your app gain exposure, but it will also let you win serious amount of cash. According to the representative of Tactrick Mobile Solutions, a total amount of $13,000 will be given away in the five categories involved.

The breakdown of the prizes for the winner of each category is as follows:

  • For Best Idea, the winner receives app development and exposure on the app store.
  • $4,000 will be given away to the Best Game App.
  • $3,000 will be provided to the Best Everyday Services App.
  • $3,000 will be awarded to the Best Medical and Education App.
  • $3,000 will be handed over by Qualcomm to the Best AllJoyn concept.

About the Categories

You can visit our previous post about the event to know more details about each category. However, you might notice that there were only 4 categories featured in our earlier post since the last one sponsored by Qualcomm just came in after that.

Basically, the Best AllJoyn Concept will be determined based on how the developers will be able to craft innovative, useful and high-quality apps based on Qualcomm’s AllJoyn SDK. The AllJoyn SDK can be acquired from this link.

The winners of the event will be decided by representatives from companies with big names like Google, Qualcomm, Tactrick Mobile Solutions, Appency App Marketing, Rockfish Interactive, Wireless Industry Partnership and AppsZoom.

The Welcome Bonus

Aside from the cash prize, if you sign-up immediately, you will get to avail of the welcome bonus too. Every participant will receive a bonus of $100 (in virtual currency). The amount can be utilized in promoting or monetizing from your app. You can even use it to get pointers from experts and get other enhancements that could put you at a strategic advantage over the entries of other developers.

Number of Submitted Entries

So far, more than 200 apps from 26 countries have been submitted through the official website hosting the Android competition based on the exclusive message send to us by the representative of Tactrick.

Now, what are you waiting for? If you have a live app that could potentially top the competition, this is your time to shine.

Where to Sign Up

Go to the website of the 2013 Tactrick Android Development Cup page and start signing up for the event before the countdown expires. You can ask your family, friends and other individuals to vote for your entry as well through the website in order for you to gain leverage in the Android contest.

How to Keep Track of Updates and Announcements

You can visit the Facebook and Twitter pages of Tactrick to get exclusive scoops of the event and regular updates from the organizers. The spokesperson of the event revealed to us also that by liking or following them, you could also get additional ways to win.

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