T-Mobile Delays Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Until April 29

Remember when we congratulated Samsung for staging a perfect Galaxy S4 US release? Well, you can now change that to a near perfect launch. And not just because it’s taking Verizon an eternity to announce an exact S4 ETA and pricing details.

Also, because T-Mobile has pushed back the 5-incher’s online availability date. Initially scheduled to start shipping today, on April 24, the Galaxy S4 is now slated for an official T-Mo release five days later, on the 29th.

Samsung Galaxy S4

In all fairness, this delay is probably the carrier’s fault entirely and not Samsung’s, but it still blemishes Sammy’s image a little. Then again, it’s not like the S4 has been pushed back a month or two, so I think you can live without the “next big thing” for five more days, can’t you?

And even if you can’t, there are ways to score one of these babies before April 29. True, you’ll have to make do with AT&T or Sprint’s versions of the S4, but that’s not so bad. Ma Bell has the 16 GB model in both black and white for pre-orders, with shipping likely to start tomorrow, on the 25th.

That’s for early adopters who’ve pre-ordered the device already, whereas folks who are only now getting on the S4 bandwagon are almost certainly to be left hanging for an additional couple of days. AT&T’s S4 can be had with two-year contracts, for $199.99, 12-month agreements, for $449.99, or outright, for $639.99.

Meanwhile, Sprint has very recently closed pre-orders for the phone, with existing stocks apparently exhausted already. Early orders should be fulfilled on April 27, when other folks will be allowed to commit to the Full HD 5-inch smartphone as well.

America’s number three carrier sells the 16 GB white and black GS4 with two-year contracts for $149.99, but only if you bring your number to Sprint on a new line of service. The regular on-contract price point is $249.99.

In related news, RadioShack retail stores are also expected to start selling the Samsung Galaxy S4 come April 27. You will be able to purchase the Sprint and AT&T versions from RS, so there should be plenty of choices to go around for anyone that has a craving for probably the best phone in the world. Such a pity Verizon refuses to get in on the fun for now, eh?

Via [Tmo News]