Survey claims that BlackBerry has the lowest demand among all the other substitutes

A recent survey has indicated that BlackBerry was the smart phone with the lowest demand in the world. The results of the survey may be questionable by some people depending on their preferences for the phone.

The survey, which was conducted by a researcher called Raymond James, interviewed 250 respondents whose details were not provided. He asked all the respondents what model of a phone was least attractive to them. Although this sample was too small, the results were shocking and the respondents gave sensible reasons to back their opinions. At least 71% of the respondents said that they cannot buy BlackBerry model under any circumstances. Another 31% of the responds said that they cannot buy any android phone. Only 20% of the respondents claimed that they can buy an iPhone.

bb4From this survey, several reasons for the low demand were provided by the respondents. Some of them argued that iPhones were much more attractive and there was no reason for them to prefer BlackBerry to the iPhones. Others claimed that BlackBerry was too simplistic that it could not satisfy their requirements.

There was another group that argued that the model has been lagging behind in terms of innovativeness. However, this survey was largely criticized by those who were loyal to the model. Critics questioned the accuracy of the results and claimed that the survey sample was too small to represent a credible representation of reality. The distribution of the sample was also a point of contention. The critics also claimed that the residents of the country in which the survey was conducted had not yet seen the latest versions of BlackBerry.

FROM: Business Insider

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