Strike a Chat With an ad from Smartphone and Get Your Deal

nua2Yeah, you read it right! As our life is becoming more mechanized by the days, coming apps are on the go to make your life easy. Opening up a new horizon in the latest mode of interactive marketing, Nuance, a voice-recognition company has come forward with its hottest idea of ads that can pick up actual conversation with you. These ads promises to pop up on your smartphones only to ask of your needs and will engage closely with the ones interested to make a buy.

Though the total idea may seem straight out of some sci-fi movie but Nuance has actually already unveiled the Voice Ads in a recent program this month on April 2013 complete with a video demonstration too. Stating that the advertisement can grab the attention of the hyper-active smartphone users, the Voice Ads platform if successful will be a true catalyst to change the online advertisement scenario. As to how the advertisement may work, the Nuance demonstration showed an imaginary deodorant company asking a user few personal questions and based on the answers advices the user on what to do and also to use the deodorant. Thus Nuance emphasizes that the two-way dialogue can ensure better customer care and long-term bonding. Besides for the ad makers, long gone will be the dilemma to prepare an ad that will fit a desk PC as well as can be minimized to fit the tiny smartphone screens too.

Just if Nuance can beat all the odds associated with the consumer privacy and spam boundaries related to the mobile advertising community, this Voice Ads platform complete with artificial intelligence and smart conversational technology will be next big news in the mobile advertising ecosystem.

SOURCE: Tech News World

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