Still got game; shouts out Blackberry

bb2Once a leader in the smartphone business, Blackberry has faded away due to the over powering business guilds for smartphones; Apple and Android. Blackberry was reigning over the smartphone market before the invading of it by the present leaders on board. Since then Blackberry has lost it’s glory and failed to hit in the market, let alone reigning it.

But the recent release of BlackBerry Z10 has taken Blackberry out of the shell and giving it another shot in the old game it used to rule.
The flagship of BlackBerry, BlackBerry Z10 didn’t give an expected first appeal as it’s design included a lifeless pitch black plastic shell with rounded corners titling it to be the poor man’s iPhone 5. But the grip that it provides is sure to be appreciated by all the users and a weight of 136 gm can’t be taken as a vice.

The new BlackBerry 10 OS has been a clear cut winner and a true game changer for the Blackberrys’ as it has made the new unit to be as like as the modern smartphones out there. The quick swapping between apps with a swift performance has made Blackberry Z10 get much appreciation regarding performance and multi-tasking. Messaging with the BlackBerry hub is never been easy as it comes as a well designed interface and easy to use features. Retaining of multiple accounts is easily possible by this upgrade.

The user alert customization for notifications and appointments has found a new way through this OS. BlackBerry Z10 to return BlackBerry to the game.

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