Steve Jobs may have witnessed the design of the next iPhones

st2Steve Jobs lives on, in the heart of his company, his employees, America and through his ingenious devices he gave the world. Rumor has it that his era has still not come to an end. Apparently, the next two generations of the iPhone was already designed during Steve Jobs’ reign as CEO of Apple Inc. Sam Fransisco’s DA revealed after a discussion with Michael Foulkes, Apple’s government liaison. Current CEO Tim Cook’s time will start once the two generations of iPhone devised by Jobs have been released. This puts tremendous pressure on the company to develop something new and path breaking, since Apple has recently been criticized for carrying on with the same line after tweaking the build in a few places.

Apple will materialize the two designs or concept phones that Steve Jobs thought of when he was still part of the company. The revelation came about when the DA and the liaison spoke about the increasing and alarming theft of Apple phones in major cities across the United States. Developers are working on both preventative or alarm technology as well as tracking methods to find and retrieve lost or stolen phones. The technology includes the iPhone being able to determine that it has been stolen and sound an alarm.

The iPhone 5S is slated for release this June. Users will also have two more iPhones to look forward to after the 5S, and these would finally end the reign of Steve Jobs over Apple and being a new era lead by CEO Tim Cook.


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