Steve Jobs’ Magic Still On iPhones

stev1While the law enforcers report that the theft of Apple smartphones has reached an all new epidemic level, in a possible shocking revelation by Michael Foulkes; the Apple’s government liaison may have exposed a closely guarded secret and that also to the District Attorney (DA) of San Francisco, George Gascón. The total incident from a recent report of San Francisco Examiner rumor has rolled out the rumor ball.

It so happened that while talking to the DA regarding the current phone theft problem and probable solutions like “kill switch” as suggested by the DA, Michael Foulkes, spilled out that no further changes can be incorporated in the next two versions of iPhone as “they precede Tim Cook” and have already been designed. Now it seems like, Michael Foulkes, who according to George Gascón is “almost like someone who’s been trained in the art of doing a lot of talking and saying nothing”; may have spoken of something of great interest.
Now that Michael Foulkes has already said something, we wonder if the statement “they precede Tim Cook” seems to mean that Steve Jobs may have been involved in the designing of the next two phones from Apple. If so Steve Jobs, who is also the co-founder of Apple must have been busy foretelling a future smartphone even before his demise in October 2011. Though we all know that Steve Jobs and Apple will always be two inseparable names itched in the history, but how far Steve Jobs can pull Apple even after his death is a matter of analysis.

However as long as the safety of an Apple device is concerned, the company had filed an application seeking patent on a Theft Detection System for smartphones that would blare in case it feels the device has been stolen.


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