Stealth Black HTC One coming to AT&T and Sprint

HTC One Stealth Black

Even though the HTC One is still in a state of delay in the US, the Taiwanese giant has added another colour for AT&T and Sprint buyers, when the finally get to order the smartphone.

Stealth Black is the new colour and while it does remind us of the old HTC One X polycarbonate, it look brighter with the aluminium body. The build quality on the HTC One, we have already said, is stunning, and the Stealth Black may be the winner out of the two.

Currently, AT&T has both the 32GB and exclusive 64GB on the website, but where the ‘buy now’ sign should be there is “The device you’ve selected is not available in your area.” and don’t give details on when this will be arriving. On Sprint, it is a little less opaque, the carrier details the Stealth Black HTC One is coming soon.

Glacier Silver is the other option with the HTC One, quite like the iPhone 5 silver and black options – they are built from the same material too, although the HTC One is not two tone.

We have yet to find out if any other colours will be appearing, Samsung has a whole palette for the Galaxy S4 and that smartphone is currently starting to roll out in the US. However, for the first time we are starting to see more consumer interest in HTC then Samsung.

This may be part due to the incredible build quality and unique new features on the HTC One. The Galaxy S4 is still sticking with plastic for design and rumour has it the South Korean electronics giant is starting to move to metal and aluminium for the next generation of smartphones.

HTC stated it will be ready for full shipping by June, in two months. This may be too much for some who want a new smartphone, but for all the people looking for an well built HTC handset, it will be worth the wait.

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