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The Facebook Home Android launcher app was released to Android Play Store for select devices exactly two days ago, and I am pretty sure tens hundreds of thousands of people would have tried it by now. If you have tried, you would know that it is nothing like any other Android app you have used, and definitely nothing like any other Android launcher app. This is because the app does not follow the usual design styles of an Android launcher app. Most such apps in the Android ecosystem simply follow the format of the stock launcher.

And there are many such launchers available in the Android Play Store apart from the ones that come pre installed on your smart phones. For example, Samsung ships its smart phones with its own launcher known as the Samsung Touch Wiz, HTC has its own HTC Sense user interface, and many more. There are third party launcher apps in the market as well. But all these are just based on the stock Android launcher. And Facebook Home is anything but that. The launcher app completely changes the look and feel of an Android smart phone.

Sure, there are no widgets, there is no quick access to the camera or the phone app, and you will either have to open up the app tray for this or go back to your old launcher from the Facebook Home, as has been the case on my Samsung Galaxy S III. But that is the thing, it is not conventional, it is not traditional, it is new. And yes, it is not for everyone as well. You would like it only if you are a hardcore Facebook fan. You must be addicted to it like breathing to like the Facebook Home app. It is definitely not for me. I uninstalled the app right away.

But there you go, it is different, makes use of the openness of the Android platform, and gives its fans, something to use the service even better.

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