Smartphone Shipments Reach Almost 200m in Q1 2013 with Samsung on the rise

Smartphone PR Q1 2013

Juniper Research which is an analytic firm has estimated the number of smartphone shipments made in Q1, 2013. According to the estimate, the smartphone shipments have reached almost 200 million in Q1, 2013 with Samsung on the rise. This shows an increase of 30% from the Q1, 2012 which is impressive. Samsung being the key player in the smartphone market is playing it safe and by shipping an estimated 68 million smartphones, it has accounted for approximately 34% of all smartphone shipments in the quarter.

SamsungAccording to a press release, it was another record quarter for Samsung with shipments over 68 million smartphones in Q1. Samsung has continued its phenomenal growth over the past few years now and is looking forward to increase its market share even further with the release of its new flagship device Samsung Galaxy SIV.

Samsung has also reported a growth on the sales of Galaxy SIII, and improved sales of the Note II for the quarter.

Apple: Despite facing a tough competition from its rivals Samsung, Sony and HTC, Apple managed to achieve better than expected iPhone sales at around 37.4 million which is a 7% growth as compared to Q1,2012. However it should be kept in mind that this is the first time in a decade, when Apple is finding it hard to stop the profits from falling.

Samsung and HTC on the other hand are coming up with some impressive smartphones. HTC launched its flagship device HTC One while Samsung introduced Galaxy SIV to the market. Both the flagship devices are getting positive reviews from the customers and it seems that Apple will have to come up with something more interesting and innovative to remain the smartphone king in the market.


I would like to talk about HTC One here which is a true beauty. Android devices are not usually known for their premium body construction but HTC has done that impressively and even surpassed Apple in terms of the build quality of the phone giving so much attention to every detail of the phone. Apple’s next iPhone is just around the corner and the expectations are high.



LG : LG with its Optimus G and Nexus 4 smartphones, has posted its highest ever smartphones sales quarter, shipping 10.3 million in Q1 2013. The attractive price tag of Nexus 4 and drooling features of the Optimus G has really helped LG improve its market share to reach over 5% from the last quarter.

Huawei: Huawei has recently introduced some high end smartphone in the market and shipped an estimated 10 million smartphones which looks good. The company also posted some impressive sales last year and accounted for approx. 10% of the shipments market along with ZTE.

NokiaNokia after a long struggle is now reporting higher Lumia sales of 5.6 million devices compared to the previous quarter which means a 27% rise. Nokia has more Lumia devices in the pipeline which will surely increase its market share even further.

BlackBerry: Blackberry after introducing its newly baked OS BlackBerry OS 10 are expected to account for almost 6 million smartphones shipments or Q1, 2013.   BlackBerry released its first BB10 device “Z10” which got some excellent reviews from its users. The Canadian company has sold 1 million BlackBerry 10 devices with more coming soon like BB Q10.


Source:  Juniper Research


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