Smartphone Games for The Golf Lovers And Challengers

gam2If all the games on your smartphone have become old and you are looking for something new then here are two little games that are accessible for both the Android and iOS device owners. So whether you are lazing around in your house or going through a boring trip tap onto your Google Play or App Store whichever your device supports, check on to the following games and start playing:

Little Things Forever: Available in about a dozen languages including English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, and Japanese etc. the game is priced for only $2.99. Attractive for its beautiful artwork, eye-friendly features and soothing background music; the game can keep you engrossed for weeks. Besides you will also be able to listen to the other songs from the music library while playing the game. Challenged to find 101 puzzle pieces from 9 big puzzles you need to find the collectibles either by solving a jigsaw puzzle or simply by zooming in and out the puzzle picture that with many little hidden materials melts into an altogether different picture. Once completed as the game reassembles itself for a new search, you’ll be surprised to see the hidden objects had been replaced by a different set of hidden materials allowing you to have the flavor of a new game.

Mini Golf Match Up: This cute little golf match is fun as well as addictive. With a five 18-hole course, the match is easily navigable with the simplest motion of your fingertips. Simply decide with your finger how to angle the shot, then pull back to let the ball go and find its hole. What you just need to do is to make sure that your putt gets the right power to sink avoiding the weird obstacles i.e. pyramid, sharks and dinosaurs!


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