Sherpa to edge Siri out of the picture soon

Looks like Siri has a new cousin! Popular voiced-based digital assistant for iOS, Siri, no longer has digital monopoly over the market. A new digital assistant called Sherpa that is popular in Spain and Latin America will be launched in U.S very soon. After the unprecedented success and popularity of Siri, other companies are taking a crack at developing assistants for other platforms, like Google’s Voice Search and Donna.

she2Sherpa is the new kid on the block designed to run on Android devices as a test run and then move over to the iOS. The U.S rollout is slated for April 17th. The voice based digital assistant helps users perform tasks with voice commands like organize folders, launch apps, video, music and other tasks. Like big sister Siri, this new technology is also geared towards natural language and semantics.

To offer users relevant material, Sherpa draws its information from a number of sources such as, PayPal, LinkedIn, Wikipedia and The digital assistant is focused on offering users information instead of search engine links. Like Siri, this is a learning technology that stores user preferences and analyses user patterns to offer more relevant information in response to a query or command.

Some of its more useful features are money transfers through PayPal, music streaming through a European company and displaying twitter and Facebook mentions and posts. Sherpa looks promising to users and will definitely do well on the Android platform that is currently missing a smart, learning, digital voice assistant like Siri!


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