Sharp to supply IGZO LCD panels to Samsung Electonics


Samsung Electronics will start getting IGZO LCD panels from Japan’s Sharp, which the South Korean company saved from financial trouble last March.

Sharp will start producing the said LCD panels for Samsung’s 11.6-inch netbooks this summer. The indium-gallium-zinc oxide panels will be manufactured in Sharp’s facility in Kameyama, Mie Prefecture.

This move is part of the agreement between Samsung Electronics and Sharp last March. The LCD panels being supplied by Sharp to smartphones and tablets manufacturers are apparently more power-saving than the panels being used by Samsung in their devices.

Also, the agreement will address Samsung’s lack of consistent LCD panels display. It will also let the South Korean company focus on developing next-generation active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) screens. Without the need to look for LCD panels suppliers, Samsung can focus on boosting its production and development of smartphone and tablet hardwares.

Samsung has been sourcing display panels from its unit, Samsung Display, but it has also been open in getting panels from Sharp and other Taiwanese companies.

The IGZO LCD panels are energy-efficient and consume less power than previous versions of the panels. Currently, the panels are being used in Sharp’s devices, as well as several Apple products. Now, Samsung is also going to make use of these power-saving LCD panels.

As for Sharp, the company has reported losses for two straight years up until March this year when Samsung decided to invest about 10.4 billion Japanese yen ($110 million), giving it a 3-percent stake in the Japanese company.

This move will give the company’s production sector a boost since Samsung has a hold on a significantly large market. Also, the agreement will increase Sharp’s operation of its facility from the current 60 percent. It is also expected to restore management in the company’s administrative and operational functions.

Qualcomm Inc., the popular chipmaker, has also invested $120 million in Sharp last December. It also promised to work on the company’s IGZO technology by producing power-saving screens

The Future of Samsung-Sharp Partnership

Aside from providing LCD panels for Samsung’s laptops, Sharp also said in March that it plans to supply panels to Samsung’s television sets. With these moves, Sharp is expected to take on a lot of the South Korean’s devices than what was originally agreed upon. Also, there are promises that this partnership present to technology experts and hardware developers.

Sharp’s IGZO technology has received raves because of its power-consuming capabilities. With the need for technology that can last more than eight hours without being charged again, any supposedly energy-efficient devices should be taken very seriously. Samsung’s move towards heavy-functioning smartphones and tablets requires the company to source hardwares that will not juice out its battery too much.

The entrance of Sharp’s IGZO LCD panels into the picture will give Samsung Electronics a way to develop more devices that will source its power-saving capabilities from the said technology. The two companies’ partnership will also bring to the forefront of tech industry Sharp’s LCD-producing technology, which hasn’t been receiving much attention from tech experts and analysts.

Sources: MK and Yahoo!

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