Shadowgun: Deadzone 2.0 Android Game Review

Madfinger Games has just released an update to their popular Shadowgun:  Deadzone which is now currently at version 2. For those who haven’t tried out this game yet it’s a first person shooter that some say is the best shooter available for the mobile platform. Some of this title’s strongest features are its console quality graphics and its entertaining gameplay.

The update brings in tons of new features and improvements which are

  • New 8 languages (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese)
  • A brand new cool feature: BOOSTERS (Speed, Armor, Damage, Accuracy, Invisibility) and new Sentry Guns (Plasma, Rocket)
  • Gold rewards for anyone who eliminates opponents with active Boosters
  • New maps: Assembly, Warzone, Vortex, Train yard
  • New deadly weapons
  • Daily challenges and rewards
  • Monitor the game stats of your friends
  • Invite your friends to Zone Control mode
  • Special Tutorial mode for rookies

You can now download the updated version of Shadowgun: Deadzone for free over at Google Play. The developers highly recommend that your Android device has at least 512 MB RAM as well as running on Android 3.0 and above.

Shadowgun: Deadzone is a sequel to the popular Shadowgun game which is also available for the Android platform. This new title takes place in the same universe as its predecessor. What’s new this time is that while its predecessor only features a single player mode this game now has a multiplayer element involved. There are two modes to enjoy which are Deathmatch and Zone Control which is similar to capture the flag.

Since the game is free it offers in-app purchases to let you upgrade your items. While it is possible to go through the game without spending real world money this takes quite a long time and can often be frustrating.

As far as gameplay goes the experience is at par with console quality games. You will be able to engage with firefights with other real live players in Deathmatch mode. There may be a few lags you may experience during the course of the game but it really does not have any major effect.

If you are a fan of Shadowgun: Deadzone then check out its latest updates now.

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