Second Hackathon Scheduled On June 1 By The White House

First Hackathon poster

The White House is presently looking for programmers, hackers and other experts in the field of technology to join the upcoming Hackathon this coming June 1, a report from FCW revealed.

The goal of the second Hackathon event is to enhance the visuals of the “We the People” petitioning system of the government. Also, this aims to provide visitors of the website full production-ready application tools which will be available under an open-source license.

The June Hackathon will be a follow-up to the similar event organized by the White House during February this year. Peter Wetsch, the deputy director of the Online Platform for the Office of Digital Strategy in the White House, says that due to the favorable results of the first one, they are doing it again to capitalize on its success.

It is worth noting too that the June event coincides with the National Day of Civic Hacking. The occasion marks an event wherein thousands of civic-minded individuals and hackers will work together in order to achieve a common cause, and that is to improve the condition of the public.

Welsh revealed that the next event will have a great need for people with vast knowledge about API (application programming interface) and persons with skills in developing visuals and more advanced tools. The decision to focus on these factors was based on the feedback that the division of Welsh received from the first Hackathon.

FCW revealed that the parts of the website that the participants will mainly focus on are the “Where the People”, “Widget the People” and “R We the People” sections.

How to Join the Event?

Joining the event is simple if you think that you have the skills to contribute for the betterment of the “We the People” website and the whole American community. All you have to do is access the website of the White House (click the link in the source below). Next, fill out the form provided on the right column of the page. Make sure that all the information that you have entered are complete and verifiable. Click the submit tab to finish.

According to the White House website, the registration is open until 5 o’clock in the afternoon of April 19. Only the people who have registered on the website and were approved by the organizers will be allowed to join. Approved applicants will be notified through e-mail not later than May 1 for further instructions said the website.

During the event, make sure that you are carrying any valid government ID that could verify your identity. See to it that you will have enough money for your travel and lodging as well since the facilitators will not be offering compensation for such.

Though it is definitely a rip-off to shoulder all the expenses on your way to the event, just think about the big help and knowledge that you will be able to impart to your fellow Americans.

Sources: FCW and the website of the White House

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