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Second generation Nexus 7 tablets to go on sale from July?


Almost everyone in the industry will be familiar with the term Nexus. The brand lineup of Google has become one of the most talked about and consumer friendly lineup in the industry and with the launch of low cost Nexus 7 last year, the company managed to break through into an industry where only Apple and Amazon ruled earlier. The sales figure of Nexus 7 tablets estimated by analysts is much less than that of iPad lineup or the Kindle lineup, however it is worth noting that the nexus 7 brand managed to grow this much in just an year.

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New sources of the Reuters have reported that the company is planning to release the second generation of the successful nexus 7 tablet this July. Now, this would be the perfect timing for the launch seeing that Apple has plans to launch its latest iPad version around this time. The current version has been a successful project for the company and we are sure that the next version which is obviously going to be better and faster will be well received by the market.

We knew a new version of the tablet was just around the corner but we never thought that it would be this close. Further these sources add that the company has revealed a sales target of around 6 to 8 million units in the second quarter of this year. It is also worth noting that the new version would ditch the old Nvidia processors in favor of Qualcomm’s snapdragon processors. This move would indeed hurt Nvidia as both of them are stiff competitors looking for new projects outside the traditional smart phone market and a deal with a brand like Nexus would surely improve the value of the company. The device will have a higher resolution than its older version and its bezel would also be thinner. However, we don’t have any further details about the specifications of the device as of now.

Nexus lineup is known for its value for money tag and the second generation Nexus 7 would be no different. Infact sources say that the company may even reduce its price to 149$ a unit which would be a $50 reduction than its older version. If this is the case, then the older version would be discontinued and the new version would be promoted by the company. However, there can be another scenario. Google can keep a price tag of around $199 for the device and sell the older version for some discount.

Now you must be wondering how Google can afford to keep such a low price for their Nexus products. The key here is to understand how the company makes money. Almost 97% of Google’s revenue is through online advertisements and rather than trying to make profit through Nexus 7 sales, the company will aim to sell as many device as possible and capture the market share. The revenue will flow automatically once the online advertisements from the company reach a very large audience.

Well, the $199 pricetag is very cheap as compared to its competitors like Apple which sells its cheapest version for around $300. As a result, we are pretty sure that users all around the world would appreciate the entry of a faster device which costs almost the same as the predecessor.

via Reuters

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