Screen Film EyeFly turns your iPhone into a 3D device!

eye2A team of researchers in Singapore have come out with a futuristic, fantastic nano-engineered plastic film that snaps over a mobile device to turn it into a 3D display without users having to use special 3D glasses to view movies, images and video clips in 3D. The film consists of 500,000 nano lens structures that work with iOS and Android apps to offer users a fabulous 3D feature. The film is named EyeFly and will be brought to the market by startup company Nanovoue.

The stereoscopic lens packed into the film is about one-thousandth the width of a human hair. The new film is every user’s dream since it makes 3D content viewing much more affordable that buying a 3D phone like the LG Optimus 3D Max. While the phone has fantastic 3D viewing capabilities, it does cost users a bomb to own. The film can convert any 2D content to 3D with the help of dedicated apps and costs much lesser than a new 3D phone. Currently only the iPhone 5 and latest iPod generation are compatible with EyeFly but the film will soon hit Apple’s iPad and Android devices after its initial release for the iPhone. The company says it will gauge how is being received before releasing EyeFly for BlackBerry and Windows.

With the new technology, users do not have to wait for 3D content to come out into markets. Any 2D format can now be converted into 3D. The company plans to put the film to other users besides 3D movie watching. The film will feature in Internet Banking and as Security token, though no details have been revealed yet by the company.


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