Scapple – The Virtual Sheet Of Paper From The Makers Of Scrivener


Scapple is a new app for professional and aspiring writers, this new app comes from Literature and Lattewho are the people being another hugely popular app with writers ‘Scrivener‘; users of Scrivener include published writer such as Tim Ferriss.

The app allows you to just doddle your ideas on the beige paper like background, when you double click anywhere on the virtual page you are able to add a note and you are set to get typing. Double click anywhere to add another note this app is mostly to help writers get going and develop their ideas, it’s basically a more high tech version of a mind map. This app makes it easy to get your ideas down on to a page, you can then extrapolate your idea and make them mode intricate for when you’re ready to write.

Shortcuts and Exports

The application has a few bells and whistles such as; the ability to drag one snippet on to another then they will be automatically joined by a dotted line. This app has a few useful keyboard shortcuts that i’m sure most of their users will utilize, ⌘-Return (new note), ⌘⌃-Return (new note, joined with a dotted line) or ⌘⌥⌃ -Return (new note with arrow).

Scapple is focused on helping you get your ideas on to paper as quickly and as efficiently as possible, once you have finished noting and developing your ideas there are a number of ways you can export them. You can export your Scapple mind maps via PNG, PDF, OPML, various text formats and many more. There is even an option to select several snippets and press ⌘C and copy them all together to where ever you want.


Scapple comes at a price of $15 to buy outright but there is a free trial on offer for 30 days, so if you’re interested in trying this software out I would recommend that you give it a whirl.

Source – CultofMac


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