Samsung’s flexible display delayed

Samsung Flexible Display

We saw the first flexible display from Samsung some time back, and we have since then been waiting for the flexible display to make it to the smart phones, and probably smart watches so that most of the strap on the watch is the display. Anyway, the South Korean electronics giant has been researching the technology very heavily and has been thinking of new ways to make this awesome technology more suitable for daily use of the public.

According to a new report on ET News, the awesome Samsung flexible display will be delayed a bit more. The reason for this is said to be that the flexible display is having problems with oxygen and moisture in the air. This is said to have become a major issue as the sensitivity of the display is varying a variation on this.

The South Korean smart phone giant is working on this and trying to come with a material which could be coated on the flexible display to protect it from air and moisture. The challenge with this is that the coating has to protect the display even when the display is bent to very acute angles. And this research is costing the company time.

But the company expects to release the first smart phone with a flexible display by the end of this year. This window is also very crucial to the as the company’s rivals are also working on the technology. If Samsung does not release the smart phone within this year, some other company will. So the pressure is high, and the time is less. We have to see how Samsung is going to balance it.

The applications of the flexible display will become more apparent once the smart phone is released to the market. Until then, just be ready for some more rumors like this one.

Source: Talk Android

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