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Samsung testing out mind-controlled Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

SamsungWe all know how the competition in the tech-world has increased over the last few years. Whether it is a mobile, laptop, a tablet or any other electronic device for that matter, there are so many choices available to choose from that it sometimes gets difficult for the customers. In such competition, innovation is the key to success. People will not go for your products until and unless there is something really ‘unique’ about it. This word ‘unique’ can be very tricky and can mean differently for different companies.

For Samsung, it means innovation to the height of it. We all know how popular Galaxy Note Tablet has become. Every year, Samsung literally captures the electronics market by bringing up unique products and it seems like they are not in a mood to stop.

Currently, the researchers from Samsung’s Emerging Technology Lab are working in collaboration with the University of Texas, Dallas to develop the kinds of mobile devices that will be controlled by mind. This is good news for those people who suffer from mobile impairments. Currently, this is being tested on the Galaxy Note 10.1.

The whole point of this is to make people use the power of their thoughts to do different tasks on the tablet, including opening applications, using them, turning the tablet on and off and much more. The mechanism is a bit complex. For testing, the researchers are using caps which are equipped with EEG monitoring electrodes.

These electrodes help in reading brain signals to perform different tasks/ actions. For example, one can just focus on an icon and the electrodes will help read the signals of the brain to launch an application. The rate at which the users were able to perform one action was about 5 seconds, which is pretty good!

However, it must be understood that it will take a lot of research, time and effort for such a thing to become a reality. But once it does, it will certainly be a matter of worry for Samsung’s competitors.


Source: SlashGear

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