Samsung Targets 500 Million Phone Sales This Year

Half a billion phones, that’s the target Samsung wants to sell this year. This target of course covers smartphones as well as featurephones.  If you think that the target might be too high then consider last year’s results where the company was able to ship out 406 million devices according to IDC. This sales figure made last year varies with Gartner saying that the company shipped 384 million units and Strategy Analytics saying only 396 million units were shipped. Whatever the data used for comparison, the 500 million target units for this year is very much possible.

Two key products that Samsung will be relying on to reach their target are the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Both devices are expected to become very popular if the trend of its predecessors is to be followed. This however just covers the high end market. The company is also expected to release several mid-range as well as low-end smartphones to cover the entire market spectrum.

Aside from smartphones the company will also be releasing several featurephones this year to take advantage of the needs of emerging markets. Several countries in Asia and Africa have a need for such devices and the market is so huge that the company cannot just overlook this.

By catering to all segments in the mobile market Samsung may just be able to achieve their goal of selling 500 million phones this year. Just last year the company was able to dislodge Nokia from the top spot of the global smartphone business.

via digitimes

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