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Samsung SPH-L500 spotted at the FCC

Samsung SPH-L500 spotted at the FCC

Its been just about a week since the Sprint flavour of the Samsung Galaxy S IV got the approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and it looks like there is a new device headed to Sprint, according to the new FCC filing provided. The Samsung device has the model number SPH-L500 and comes with CDMA or EV-DO connectivity and the smart phone also supports 4G LTE on band 25. And 4G LTE on band 25 is just what Sprint uses. So it is pretty much sure that the device is headed to Sprint.

Apart from these features, the Samsung SPH-L500 also features other wireless connectivity options such as Wi Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC. And there is simultaneous voice and LTE (SVLTE) support as well, which is just awesome. But there is not any other detail about the device that is available from the filing. But that does not mean there are not any other sources, and the rumor mill will always be just waiting to put everything it knows out. And we just need to wait for such outputs from the rumor mill.

Anyway, Engadget observes that the dimensions of the Samsung SPH-L500 smart phone are 133mm (around 5.24 in.) tall and 68mm (around 2.68 in.) wide, is just smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S III, which has a dimension of 136.6mm (5.38 in.) by 70.6 (2.78 in.). So what does this mean? Are we getting just another 4G LTE smart phone from the South Korean smart phone manufacturer, or is it the next Samsung Galaxy S IV Mini that many people have been waiting for? Well, there is not much info available about all that.

So we will just have to wait till Samsung or Sprint announce this new device officially and fill the gaps. Till then, let us look at some more new devices and rumors.

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